Thursday, February 25, 2010


Madeline and I are in Lynchburg visiting family. But she has a nasty cold so she has only seen my mom and Taylor's mom, poor baby! My mom and I shopped at Short Pump yesterday. I came home with my most expensive guilty pleasure.. Pottery Barn Kids curtains! I feel guilty about the expense, but I love them!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Natural Disasters

This first picture is simply my baby looking absolutely adorable. She is such a girly girl. She loves necklaces, bracelts, sunglasses, headbands, tea parties and her mini kitchen. There was a reason God gave me a little girl afterall! I am always saying I have the best dressed baby on the Outer Banks, but when she is just so cute how can I resist myself?!

A few weeks ago we were at home in Lynchburg and we had over 18 inches of snow.. It was insane!

Then today I was getting ready for Mommy and Me and Taylor was on the way home and told me not to go down Colington Road because it was flooded "in front of the tattoo shop." Anyone who regularly travels Colington Road knows that it always floods. We were headed off to look at a rental house in Nags Head and it wasn't a small section that was flooded, it was the ENTIRE road. It took an hour to make the 5/10 minute drive. When we finally got to the end the traffic was back up to the bypass and the police were out there attempting to fend off traffic since you could only go out and in the center of the road! It was a mess! I unfortunately didn't think to break out my camera until we were about out of the crazyness but here is the first picture I got! It was insane! I thought we were going to be stranded and be flushed into the sound!! It actually flooded not by rain but because the wind is so intense it pushed the water from the sound onto the road! We ended up just heading to Virginia Beach to do some shopping until we were able to pass! Now our house is shaking so badly because the wind (remember we are on stilts!) that I think tomorrow morning we may wake up in the neighbors yard!