Sunday, December 27, 2009

Computer Issues!

It seems whenever I get cute pictures of my daughter and want to post them online my printer (where I insert my memory card) never wants to connect to my computer.. I suspect this is because my daughter loves to sit on my computer and bounce on it and push all of the buttons to make the screen light up.. But that is just speculation of course..

Today I went to the doctor (okay or the emergency room.. I just hate how that sounds!) because I have had brutal headaches the past few days. I suspected it was because I had an ear infection, which I didn't. The doctor suspected it is a sinus infection and sent me home with a perscription antibiotic and a pain medicine.. yeah I said PAIN MEDICINE. Who in their right mind would give someone with a sinus infection pain medicine? And we wonder why so many people get addicted to this stuff.. Needless to say I told the nurse I didn't need it and left with only the antibiotic. Hopefully it kicks in soon!

After that we stopped by my friend Mallory's. She is the most popular person in town! Three other people randomly stopped by haha. So funny. One of the girls, Elizabeth, was absolutely hilarious and has a HUGE bunny. The bunny is potty trained in a liter box and just roams her house. It was bigger than a cat and it's feet were bigger than Mallory's golden retrievers! It was really cute but I just couldn't get over how big he was! Madeline was scared to death of him. She liked the dog but when the bunny would hop by Madeline would run to me to get away from it. Too funny.

After that we headed home where my neighbor randomly stopped by to give us some Christmas treats and Madeline an adorable phone toy. Although I always complain about the layout of my house and how I want to move, we are in an amazing neighborhood! Darla and Bill stopped by really quickly to pick up a package we picked up for them. Then Madeline and I headed to the station. Mallory, Matt, Banks and Beaza were there.. my favorite people! I mainly talked too much like usual and my poor husband just looks at me wondering how I have so much to say about nothing haha! I'm a housewife, what do you expect?!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby All I Want for Christmas..

What an amazing Christmas we had! Madeline and I spent the week before Christmas in Lynchburg with our families. We had almost two feet of snow and was stuck inside the house most of the time! Madeline was spoiled rotten by all of her gifts! She got blocks, a Vermont bear (which she LOVES), beautiful outfits, the bouncing turtle, ornaments, a snowglobe and books from my in-laws side of the family. My mother in law got Taylor and I a Wii (which I am terrible at!!) My mom had actually got us one too which is pretty funny, but she returned it! My parents got Madeline Pottery Barn dolls, a sock monkey set, books, shoes, PJs, crayola sets and gosh so much more I can't even remember it all! She got me loads of goodies and Taylor an MP3 player he had wanted. Madeline's main gift from Taylor and I was a climber with a little playhouse type of thing attached. She loves climbing up the slide and going back down it, but I think the main thing she likes about it is collecting any and everything from the room (I found the dog harness in there this morning) and putting it in the house and closing the little door. I had been searching for one of these stinkin' things on Craigslist for atleast 6 months but never found a nice one so I got stuck paying the full price from, but she loves it so thats all that matters! She also got a Cabbage Patch baby that she loves to carry in its carrier and give her ba ba. I say "where's your baby?" and she runs and gets her! It is adorable!
Taylor and I had already "exchanged presents." He got a 52' Sharp Aquos and I got a keurig coffee maker, pottery barn stockings and diamond earrings. So on Christmas we just did stockings which included electric tooth brushes, lots of candy and his had a pizza slicer haha! We promised to do wrapped gifts next year but I honestly don't care! We woke up Christmas morning and had cinnamon rolls.. YUM! Then we sat around the house all day watching a Christmas Story and Home Alone. We went to a Christmas Eve service at a church on the bypass and I was really disappointed. I personally go to a Christmas Eve service to sing songs about Christmas and hear a nativity story. I got there and was informed the wise men didn't come on Christmas, there was no Santa because parents only give gifts as a reward not a gift and I didn't hear one Christmas song. Needless to say I was very sad about it. After Madeline went to bed we played my new game Pictureka and Skipboo! It was a great day and I was so glad to spend it with my little family!

These are some pictures taken by my very talented friend Mallory! Thank you!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Beautiful Kitchen Chandelier

My mom just had this beautiful chandelier installed in her dining room. Okay so it isn't yet perfect (notice the difference in paint color from where the old ceiling fan!) I added the lamp shades and applied the fabris. I think they turned out pretty great although I still need to add ribbon along the edges (since we have two feet of snow on the ground I haven't yet made it back to the craft store!) I then added the ornaments with ribbon and strung ribbon around the base of the chandelier. I think it is pretty beautiful myself! I will be back soon to post pictures of my beautiful little girl hating the snow and the ornament wreath I made!

Friday, December 18, 2009

I'll be home for Christmas..

In case you didn't know, I have an amazing husband. We have been together five years now and through all that time he has never said anything nasty to me and he still treats me like a queen every single day! No matter how much nonsense I have talked to him, he just looks me in the face and says "I want to be with you forever, so lets figure this out." He does anything he can to make my daughter and myself happy and he doesn't get enough of the praise that he deserves!! I love you John Taylor!

Taylor got stuck working for ten days in a row so Madeline and I headed up to Virginia to spend the week before the holidays with our family! Hopefully Taylor gets off for Christmas Eve so Madeline and I will go back to spend the night with him! Before we came home my friend Mallory took some amazing Christmas pictures of Madeline on the beach! Smart ol' me forgot the cd with the pictures on them in OBX so I will have to post once I am back at our house, but once I do you are in for a treat! Thank you Mallory for doing that for me!

They are calling for between 9 and 18 inches of snow tomorrow so we will be stuck at home for a few days. Luckily my mom bought a ham dinner and turkey dinner for a make up Thanksgiving and Christmas so we have plenty of food at the house! On a not so lucky note I did not bring any of Madeline's fleece hats or gloves so unless I sneak out to Old Navy in the morning she won't be able to play in the snow!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Crafting Attempts

As probably everyone who wanders into this blog has figured out my husband is in the Coast Guard. For our family that means he works 24 hours on/24 hours off and everyother weekend. And by working I mean gone away from the house for a full two days. So that means pretty much half of the week its just Madeline and I, and the other have we have a husband/daddy around. I am insanely afraid of the dark and hate nights that Taylor isn't sleeping here (and of course I miss him during the day too!) but I have finally started to accept this is military life and I am getting used to it. So half of my nights I have a lot of free time (Madeline goes to sleep between 7 and 8.. I go to bed usually between 12 and 1.) I'm not a tv watcher so a lot of my time has been spent reading crafty people's blogs. So I have decided to try my hand at it and I made my very first Christmas ragamuffin garland! I am still going to hang an ornament or two on it, I just haven't decided which one yet. I tied mine around the lamp that is beside my front door. Although it isn't as full as I had hoped (I cut my strips too short evidentially) for my first attempt I am very pleased!

Note: This table would normally be filled with my little odd collections, but my 15 month old enjoys taking all of those things off this shorter table. So it is bare..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Big Cups

My little girl got off of bottles about a month ago. We just got rid of them and she adapted very quickly. She is great at using a straw, however those cups are much more messy than the sippy cups. So whenever I have given her a sippy cup, I have to tilt it for her to get drink. When she wants drink she gets her sippy cut and just wacks me with it until I tilt it into her mouth. The past few days I have refused to give it to her except at meal time in her seat. And today she started tilting her own sippy cup to get drink! Wohoo!! I feel like I finally have an independent big girl!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

November Nor'Easter

As you have probably have seen on the news the Outer Banks and the Hampton Roads area got pounded by a November Nor'Easter this week. Virginia Beach got the brunt of it, the water was up above their car's windows! Here the Beach Rd in many places is so flooded it looks like a river! The worst part for me was that Madeline and I were at home alone since Taylor was on duty! I was so paranoid I roof would blow off or we would lose power and I would panic ha. It is pretty amazing how much damage mother nature can do!

Madeline and I got home on Monday from spending the week at my parents house! I got my hair cut a little above my shoulders and a bit blonder.. I am learning to love it. Madeline has been constantly saying "uh-oh" to everything "bad" that happens. She will hit the dog and go "uh-oh" as if it were an accident! She is lucky he is so patient with her because she pretty much abuses the poor thing.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lynchburg, Lynchburg

Madeline and I have been at home in Lynchburg since Monday. I must admit it is hard staying at anyone's house other than my own, even my parents! We are headed home Monday morning and we are ready! Poor Taylor had a horrible day at work, he recovered his first dead body! Ick! And he managed to lose his wedding ring on the beach, he was so irritated! Hopefully tomorrow will be better for him!

Madeline and I have been all over this week. She stayed two days with her Grandma Sharon. My mom works all of the time now, so the rest of the week I went around spending times with old friends. It was a much needed breather from "real life!" I love our life in the Outer Banks, but it is nice to come home and relax with friends who I have known for years!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Eventful Days

We got back home on the beautiful Outer Banks on Wednesday evening. I have been battling allergies since last Monday and it has been horrible! Madeline hasn't had a bottle in about a week and a half! She fussed the first two nights but has been fine since. She was digging through her diaper bag this morning and spotted a bottle and immediately stuck it in her mouth, so I quickly replaced it with a sippy cup filled with apple juice. She was more than happy to exchange!

Last Saturday we went to Taylor's cousin Steve's wedding. It was pouring all day and since it was an outside wedding I was dreading the 45 minute trip to stand in the rain! It rained until we got there, but once we got out of the car the clouds cleared up and it was beautiful and sunny! It was an adorable ceremony and Taylors uncle Brian took a bunch of beautiful pictures. Madeline sat quietly in the grass during the vows, occupied with her little basket of roses and my mom's David Yurman bangles. She wore a beautiful "princess dress" my mother-in-law bought her with cream ballet flats. She was such a doll baby!

Tonight we went to the North Carolina Aquarium for their Trick or Treat Under the Sea party. It was a lot of fun! I coulnd't believe they had sold 1,500 tickets! It was packed and hard for our little family because Madeline wasn't really interested in what was going on, she was just trying to run away haha. All of those people made it difficult, so we ended up leaving about an hour before it ended. She had her first few lollipops and was an adorable bee. I will be sure to post plenty of pictures very soon!

Monday, October 19, 2009

What a Day!

This morning Taylor had to head back to work! He leaves the house around 6:30 and usually ends up waking up Madeline, but this morning she went right back to sleep! I had to be at the doctor at 10, and the doctor is an hour away from my house. I got up, took a shower, packed Madeline a lunch, got her dressed, walked Otis and we were out of the door at 8:35. I had a good doctors visit, she suggested a few reasons my blood pressure and other issues may be happening. Hopefully my family doctor will be able to look into some of those suggestions and my health concerns can be resolved! If anything comes of this of course I will be blogging about it. Already on some of the preeclampsia blog sites I am a member of I have gotten so great feed back about similar stories. Thats why I love reading blogs. Most blogs I don't comment on, I just read. It is a form of story telling. Just like I am telling you my story, I enjoy reading other peoples stories. One thing that excites me about writing this is that one day I know Madeline will sit down and read all of my blogs!

Madeline was a handful today! She is getting her 7th tooth on the bottom right side of her mouth. That and taking her bottles away have made her very very cranky. Today the doctors trip was right at her nap time, plus she was in the car for two hours. So she was just off all day. Hopefully tomorrow she will return to her sweet loving self!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Winter is on the Way

Burrrr it is chilly outside today! I have spent the last two days day dreaming of remodeling an old farmhouse in Savanah, Georgie..we can dream can't we?!

Yesterday we went to Virginia Beach and did some winter clothes shopping. The only winter clothes Madeline had was a few outfits my mother-in-law gave us. She is constantly picking up something for us, we are so blessed haha. For Madeline's summer clothes she had so many she wore a lot of them just once because I bought so many and so did my mother-in-law, so I hadn't bought her anything yet. She got a few sweaters and fleece tops. My mom had got her a heavy jacket which is already used almost daily in this freezing weather! Next week we get to go home! We are so excited to eat some Japanese food (and obviously spend some time with our family!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Tonight was the first night Madeline went to sleep without a bottle! We cut out her daytime bottles about two weeks ago, but she was still getting one in the morning and night. She did have trouble adjusting to going to bed without her "ba" though. She looked at me like aren't you forgetting something and she cried for probably 5 or 10 minutes. I just kept telling myself at one year old they don't need to eat right before bed! Hopefully she will sleep through the night..

Update.. Madeline did sleep through the night, but she woke up at 6am! We usually sleep until about 7:30, so I did give her a bottle and we got to sleep until almost 8 when Taylor called me to tell me he was playing football! But I would call that a sucessful first night without the bottle!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We have made it..

I've been reading other "mom blogs" for a while now and am constantly inspired by them. I'm not exactly sure that my blog will be inspiring, but since so many (okay or most) of the people who love us live so far away, this will be my outlet to update everyone on our exciting life happenings!

My daughter is fourteen months old! Its hard to believe when she was born she weighed a tiny 2 pounds 9 ounces, because now she is running around with the big girls. I am trying to get her completely off of bottle. She has four ounces when she first wakes up and about an hour later she has "breakfast." This morning she had a scrambled egg and some banana. She'll have snack at 10:30, today was goldfish and a pickle. The child loves pickles. I buy whole pickles because if I want pickle slices I will cut them myself and if I want a pickle spear I just quater them myself. I think it makes them taste fresher and I don't have a million pickles jars in my frig. Madeline likes hers in spears and peeled haha. Nap is at 11 on the dot, lunch is between 1 and 2. Then another snack followed dinner between 5 and 6. Bedtime is between 7 and 8, although she wants to sleep most nights by 6! She is such a blessing in our lives and I secretly (okay or not so secretly) can't wait for our next baby! Hopefully my body will catch onto that soon!

Okay world I guess that will do it for my first blog entry. I will figure out how to set this thing up at some point, but for now I am doing motherly things (ie dishes and laundry!)