Tuesday, September 18, 2012

All kinds of new!

Our house is slowly coming along. Madeline is in a new school making lots of friends. Lacey Reese is taking ballet and talking so much. Taylor is getting ready for a two month deployment. I am making hair bows, making friends and ready for Fall!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Naked.. again?!

Madeline is going through this stage where she wants to do EVERYTHING herself. She likes to dress herself, usually in winter clothes, about 20 times a day. She does her own hair. She puts hair product in it and one day she probably had 15 bobby pins covering her entire head. She also just randomly walks around naked if she can't find any clothes that are "fancy enough." Today I was sitting in our bedroom going to driving school online (darn ticket!) and I heard Taylor say, "Why are you naked AGAIN?!" Just the way he said it made me laugh out loud. Poor man has to deal with 3 girls doing girly things all of the time! He will never win!

Monday, May 28, 2012

We are Residents of Virginia Again!

Taylor has been relocated and we are very excited to be living in our home state of Virginia again! We bought an adorable house in a golfing community of Suffolk. We have many projects to do but we are loving it!We are close to any shop we could possibly want and our girls are LOVING our huge yard with soft grass and big shade trees!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


My husband and I don't argue much. However something we often argue about it laundry. I ask him not to touch my laundry, the girls laundry or the towels. Does he listen? No. I like to keep the girls laundry and towels seperate. We don't use any scented detergent or dryer sheets on ours. Taylor washed them all together, used dryer sheets that give Madeline congestion causing croup, leaves things in the dryer and then puts clean clothes in the dirty hamper and just piles dirty clothes on top. I don't understand why you would start laundry if you don't plan to finish it? Why not just do what your wife asks and leave the dirty clothes alone? He has a compulsion to overfill the washing machine and then its like he forgets about it. On purpose. Ugh it frustrates me SO badly.

Onto other bad news. We have been patiently waiting to find out where we will be moving in June. On our list we have small cutters, meaning they go out for a week or so at a time. We had all Eastern United States covered, Upstate NY, New Jersey, Georgia, Maine, Iowa, Kentucky, Virginia. Two days ago we found out we got NOTHING on our list. Instead they were lazy and sent us a list of 41 available places. We really need to be on a cutter so Taylor can get sea time to make it to the next rate. However of the 41 only 9 were cutters. And we are talking Alaska, Guam, Oregon and Washington. Nothing even remotely acceptable to me. We are praying to the dear Lord baby Jesus that we will get a cutter in Portsmouth, Virginia. The odds of that don't seem particularly good. Worst case is that we end up with a station again and get no sea time. If that happens I have no doubt I will be floating on the tiny island of Guam or getting chased by moose in Alaska! That is simply the luck I have!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I started Weight Watchers at the beginning of January. After a cruise and stress in my life (aka being a stay at home mom LOL) I have since that time gained FIVE pounds. Yesterday I decided it was time to get back with the program. I made both of the girls pb&j sandwiches, yogurt, fresh fruit and a cheese stick. Got them situated at the table and went on to create myself this wonderful, lowfat turkey wrap. I even had shredded lettuce just like Subways! I was so excited! I set mine down on the table and Madeline asked for more drink. I made her a drink and pour myself an unsweet tea (gross right?) I get back to the table and my sweet Lacey has taken my beautifully prepared wrap and thrown it on the floor and both dogs were hovering over it. It was honestly one of the most angry times I have ever been in my entire life! I take her and put her in the bed. Come back down to remake my wrap and I am totally out of deli meat.. Welcome to my life! But my sweet Madeline walks into the kitchen and says, "Mom I really love that shirt! It is so beautiful!" She makes it all worth it! I wouldn't survive without that sweet little girl! Later on she said, "Mom are you happy?" She actually asks me that a lot if Lacey is hurricaning around. I replied, "Yep I'm always happy when I'm with you." Her response was, "I love making you happy!" I have two beautiful, sweet girls! And even though my Lacey Reese is a constant handful, I need to always remind myself they always want to see their mom happy! Love them both!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Born in a Barn.

Today I went and dropped off some donations to the Children's Hospital thrift store. Madeline asked why I took that stuff inside and I told her I was giving it to the babies who lived in incubators like she used to. She said, "Oh I was born in there in the incubator?!" I said, "No not in there. You were born in the hospital and then lived in an incubator until I could take you home." "No.. I was born in a barn like Baby Jesus!!"

Sunday, January 15, 2012


It is 2012.. every day of it so far has been a disaster!! We (aka I) just moved this week. Today was the last day we were supposed to be in the house but if still has stuff in it. We hope to get there early tomorrow to clear it out. Taylor had requested off work but they had some testing type of things going on this week. The officer who rated the boats said that Taylor's boat is the cleanest boat he has ever seen in North Carolina! So proud of him! Our townhouse is adorable, way too crowded at the moment, but I am enjoying being in the center of all of the happenin' things. Yesterday DirectTV stood me up, I am in the middle of moving from a big house to a little house and they are 30 minutes away from each other.. I have no time to waste for DirectTV! So in my anger I stormed out of the new house and locked my keys inside! So I had to pay the locksmith $60 to let me back inside! Ugh I was so angry! Luckily our good friends live next door so the girls and I got to hang out over there for a little bit.

Now onto resolutions for the year. I haven't even looked over mine from last year, so I am just starting fresh.

1. Cook at home atleast 6 dinners a week.
2. Drink more water.. and wine!
3. Make sure both of my girls know they are loved and the most important things in my life!
4. Give my husband that same attention!
5. Slow down. Not commit to everything. Spend more time relaxing with my family!