Monday, July 19, 2010

The Dreaded Potty

I am pretty sure my child will not be potty trained before she turns 5..

She will be two August 12 and has absolutely no interest in peeing in the potty. She will sit on the potty, play in the potty, she even says potty.. but has yet to "tinkle" it the potty.

I was really hopeful we could have potty training down before preschool starts in September and before baby girl number two gets here. I suppose I was wrong..

Two in diapers.. sigh.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Enjoying Paradise

Our family is lucky enough to live on the beautiful Outer Banks. This summer I have been determined to take full advantage of it! On the days that Taylor is at work Madeline and I go to the pool from 11-1. When he is off I drag us all to the beach until 1. Madeline is such a fish! She loves the water, it doesn't matter if it is the pool, ocean or the canal behind our house! She puts on her 'kini and is ready to go!

Madeline's Second Independence Day!

Last year for the 4th we have a big cookout, but this year it seemed most people were out of town! So we decided to have a family day! We started off at the beach, it took us like 30 minutes to find a parking spot! Madeline is such a fish, she is going to be an Olympic swimmer! I don't have many pictures at the beach because we spent most of it in the ocean. She spent the entire time trying to get Taylor to let go of her but the waves were HUGE!

We came home and made BLTs and took naps! Got up at 5:30 and grilled some steaks, yum! Then we headed to downtown Manteo to join the celebrations! We started out with a funnel cake and lemonade!

And then we were lucky enough to stumble onto two wooden seats right on the pier.

By the sailboats!

Madeline loved being in the middle of the action!

However she got bored so we had to entertain her with things like counting dollars.
And playing tug with a bendy straw.

Finally the fireworks started. Madeline laughed, clapped and screamed "whoaaa!"

But she was just too tired to make it so we headed home.