Saturday, December 17, 2011

Madeline and Santa

Taylor had stole my bottled orange soda. I said, "give that back!" Madeine said, "Stop Momma, thats Daddys!" I said, "Nope thats Mommas!" "NO!" "Momma is going to tell Santa.." She walked over, grabbed the soda and told Taylor, "Opps thats Mommas!!"

Friday, December 2, 2011

Glitter Pine Cone Mobile

This afternoon Madeline and I made glitter pine cone mobiles! She was so excited to get them all done that most of the ones she did didn't have enough glitter on them! Oh well, its the experience right?! We did gold and red pine cones! You need spray adhesive, glitter, pine cones and bags (plastic or paper.) Spray the adhesive onto the pine cones, place in bag, add glitter and SHAKE!

'tis the season!

It is finally December!! And even more importantly it is finally getting cold! I am so ready for snow and frost to kill all of these mosquitos at our house!! Both of my girls have been sick this week. Madeline has double ear infections and Lacey Reese has croup. No fun and no sleep. We did get to go see Santa last week at Kites with Lights in Nags Head. Madeline asked for a puddle.. yep like the one outside! That is all she wants for Christmas. I guess it is either a good thing or a sign that she has too much already!
We have also baked some sweet treats! We baked sugar cookies that we rolled in sprinkles! What a messy fun time that was!

Tomorrow morning Madeline and I are headed to a cookie exchange. Like I mentioned earlier I have two sick kids and my husband has been at work the past two days so I did not make cookies. Instead we made these sweet treats! They are a pretzel, a Rollo candy and a Christmas colored M&M. You could also do it with Hersey Kisses and I think it would taste best with a Rollo and pecan.. aka a Christmas turtle! Yum!!