Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Red Baron and Beach

My friend Brittany was able to come down and stay with us for the weekend! We started off our Saturday by going on a ride on the Red Baron. As you can see from this picture it had no roof! It was amazing flying through the air with the wind literally blowing through our hair!

This is Andy Griffith's house! It was so beautiful!

Jockey's ridge, you can see both the ocean and the sound in this picture! Beautiful!

Our pilot!

Today we spent most of the day by the beach. We saw beautiful dolphins five different time and the last hour or so they just played and swam right in front of us! We must have had all of the good fish in that area because there were a lot of pelicans diving there too! Madeline loved the ocean even though it was freezing! She would run right into it and it would just about sweep her away. Next time I will know to keep her in a life jacket just in case, because when she is wet she just about slips out of your hands because the current is so strong.

It was an amazing few days and I am bummed that Brit has to leave tomorrow! But she will be going to do a summer program at UVA so I know that she has got to go! I love having friends come visit and can't wait until she can come again!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Such a Bad Blooger

I haven't been blogging like I should be. Today was a long day, the longest in a while. My morning started with Madeline smearing poop all over her clean, white shirt. She wrecked my house and poured pudding all over my silk upholstered headboard. We went to the pool with some of our fellow Coastie wives, where she insisted on running and fell three times. She had no nap to top it off. She is the light of my life and an occasional pain in my butt, ha!

Tomorrow my good friend Brittany is coming down for a visit and Taylor is taking me to Japanese for lunch, so I am hoping for a better day!