Friday, January 28, 2011

New House

We have moved into our new house! We aren't quite settled because we don't have enough furniture yet! We are planning to get some next week with some of our tax refund! We are loving the room except for all of us are getting allergies from the upstairs of the house. So we have lots of humidifers going and are hoping things will be better soon!

Taylor built Madeline this bed from a pile of lumber! It was a stressful thing but it is done! He got the plans from it off of Ana White's blog! He has to build one more and we will be done with our furniture building experience! We built this for less that $150 but I am not convinced it was easier than just paying $300 in the store ha!

Settling In

Things the past week have been fairly smooth! We had one bad day and that was because Madeline was in desperate need of a nap. Lacey has been sick the past week and a half so she has been extremely laid back which has helped. I have been keeping Madeline busy in the mornings. She has preschool Tuesday/Thursday, Wednesday we went to the library and this morning we went to playgroup in Manteo. That has helped because Lacey usually sleeps in her carseat so Madeline feels like she gets some one on one time.

Madeline is cooking "Sissy" some food. She says, "aw baby so cute!" I got mad at the dishwasher and Madeline said, "Whats wrong Momma?" She is so sweet!

Birdfeeder Madeline made in class.

Lacebug with Morgan! He is 15 days younger than she is but she looks so big compared to him! They weighed the same at birth! Look at her belly!! She weighed 11 pounds last Monday!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

All Abroad the Choo Choo Train

First a picture of my baby girl! This week she was 6 weeks old! Its hard to believe Madeline would just be getting out of the NICU this week! Lacey seems like she has always been apart of our family! She is now sleeping from 11pm-6am most nights. It looks like she is going to start smiling any day now. She is a great baby!

Today Madeline went to a very exciting birthday party! A Thomas the train party! Her friend London from school turned 3! His mom is a wedding planner and had a big crawl through choo choo and a bounce house! Madeline had a blast!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Time Passes On

Looking at old pictures of Madeline makes me cry. I still see her as my baby but the truth is she is now my toddler. Time went by too fast, I guess there is never enough of it. One day I will look back at current pictures of "my babies" and think, God they were so small. I wish I could rewind and pause time. I am trying to soak up every moment and enjoy it. I just feel like the moments are passing too fast.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy One Month Lacey! have brought us so much joy! We love you!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Blues

When I was getting discharged from the hospital with Lacey the nurse came in and was giving us the discharge instructions. She said, "Now about baby blues. If you are crying for two weeks and upset that is completely normal. You have hormones and two kids. If you are still feeling that way after two weeks, you need to talk to someone about it to get help with any depression that might creep in." About a week later I was sitting with Taylor and I told him how lucky we were to have a week old baby that let us sleep and barely cried. Taylor's reply was "yeah I'm glad she doesn't have baby blues like they talked about in the hospital!" At first I thought he was joking. But he was dead serious. He thought the nurse was telling us that the baby could only cry for two weeks! It was hilarious.

I have spent the last 3 days alone with both girls. Saturday was fairly easy and Taylor came home at night after Madeline was in bed, but atleast I got some adult interaction. Yesterday was just about hell. Madeline screamed for almost 2 hours during naptime. She got mad at me and hid under her bed and screamed she wanted my mom and Taylor. She harrassed the baby and dogs. Her inside voice is now a scream. I was miserable all day. Today has been worse. She has trashed her room during naptime. She has just been mean to me, Lacey and the dogs. I could probably do okay with all of that except for the fact I have a 3 week old baby that wants to be held and loved on. Which is impossible to do when I am trying to give Madeline the attention she needs. So I feel both aren't getting their needs satisfied.

I don't have the baby blues, more like the 2 year old blues haha. I knew it would be this way because Madeline is a fairly demanding child. I have said since I was pregnant I wish I could just have Lacey be a year old and have an extra year with her as a one year old. That way they could interact with eachother. Still when I have the small looks of Madeline piling the play food on Lacey's swing I know it will be worth it because they will be best friends.