Friday, October 30, 2009

Eventful Days

We got back home on the beautiful Outer Banks on Wednesday evening. I have been battling allergies since last Monday and it has been horrible! Madeline hasn't had a bottle in about a week and a half! She fussed the first two nights but has been fine since. She was digging through her diaper bag this morning and spotted a bottle and immediately stuck it in her mouth, so I quickly replaced it with a sippy cup filled with apple juice. She was more than happy to exchange!

Last Saturday we went to Taylor's cousin Steve's wedding. It was pouring all day and since it was an outside wedding I was dreading the 45 minute trip to stand in the rain! It rained until we got there, but once we got out of the car the clouds cleared up and it was beautiful and sunny! It was an adorable ceremony and Taylors uncle Brian took a bunch of beautiful pictures. Madeline sat quietly in the grass during the vows, occupied with her little basket of roses and my mom's David Yurman bangles. She wore a beautiful "princess dress" my mother-in-law bought her with cream ballet flats. She was such a doll baby!

Tonight we went to the North Carolina Aquarium for their Trick or Treat Under the Sea party. It was a lot of fun! I coulnd't believe they had sold 1,500 tickets! It was packed and hard for our little family because Madeline wasn't really interested in what was going on, she was just trying to run away haha. All of those people made it difficult, so we ended up leaving about an hour before it ended. She had her first few lollipops and was an adorable bee. I will be sure to post plenty of pictures very soon!

Monday, October 19, 2009

What a Day!

This morning Taylor had to head back to work! He leaves the house around 6:30 and usually ends up waking up Madeline, but this morning she went right back to sleep! I had to be at the doctor at 10, and the doctor is an hour away from my house. I got up, took a shower, packed Madeline a lunch, got her dressed, walked Otis and we were out of the door at 8:35. I had a good doctors visit, she suggested a few reasons my blood pressure and other issues may be happening. Hopefully my family doctor will be able to look into some of those suggestions and my health concerns can be resolved! If anything comes of this of course I will be blogging about it. Already on some of the preeclampsia blog sites I am a member of I have gotten so great feed back about similar stories. Thats why I love reading blogs. Most blogs I don't comment on, I just read. It is a form of story telling. Just like I am telling you my story, I enjoy reading other peoples stories. One thing that excites me about writing this is that one day I know Madeline will sit down and read all of my blogs!

Madeline was a handful today! She is getting her 7th tooth on the bottom right side of her mouth. That and taking her bottles away have made her very very cranky. Today the doctors trip was right at her nap time, plus she was in the car for two hours. So she was just off all day. Hopefully tomorrow she will return to her sweet loving self!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Winter is on the Way

Burrrr it is chilly outside today! I have spent the last two days day dreaming of remodeling an old farmhouse in Savanah, Georgie..we can dream can't we?!

Yesterday we went to Virginia Beach and did some winter clothes shopping. The only winter clothes Madeline had was a few outfits my mother-in-law gave us. She is constantly picking up something for us, we are so blessed haha. For Madeline's summer clothes she had so many she wore a lot of them just once because I bought so many and so did my mother-in-law, so I hadn't bought her anything yet. She got a few sweaters and fleece tops. My mom had got her a heavy jacket which is already used almost daily in this freezing weather! Next week we get to go home! We are so excited to eat some Japanese food (and obviously spend some time with our family!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Tonight was the first night Madeline went to sleep without a bottle! We cut out her daytime bottles about two weeks ago, but she was still getting one in the morning and night. She did have trouble adjusting to going to bed without her "ba" though. She looked at me like aren't you forgetting something and she cried for probably 5 or 10 minutes. I just kept telling myself at one year old they don't need to eat right before bed! Hopefully she will sleep through the night..

Update.. Madeline did sleep through the night, but she woke up at 6am! We usually sleep until about 7:30, so I did give her a bottle and we got to sleep until almost 8 when Taylor called me to tell me he was playing football! But I would call that a sucessful first night without the bottle!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We have made it..

I've been reading other "mom blogs" for a while now and am constantly inspired by them. I'm not exactly sure that my blog will be inspiring, but since so many (okay or most) of the people who love us live so far away, this will be my outlet to update everyone on our exciting life happenings!

My daughter is fourteen months old! Its hard to believe when she was born she weighed a tiny 2 pounds 9 ounces, because now she is running around with the big girls. I am trying to get her completely off of bottle. She has four ounces when she first wakes up and about an hour later she has "breakfast." This morning she had a scrambled egg and some banana. She'll have snack at 10:30, today was goldfish and a pickle. The child loves pickles. I buy whole pickles because if I want pickle slices I will cut them myself and if I want a pickle spear I just quater them myself. I think it makes them taste fresher and I don't have a million pickles jars in my frig. Madeline likes hers in spears and peeled haha. Nap is at 11 on the dot, lunch is between 1 and 2. Then another snack followed dinner between 5 and 6. Bedtime is between 7 and 8, although she wants to sleep most nights by 6! She is such a blessing in our lives and I secretly (okay or not so secretly) can't wait for our next baby! Hopefully my body will catch onto that soon!

Okay world I guess that will do it for my first blog entry. I will figure out how to set this thing up at some point, but for now I am doing motherly things (ie dishes and laundry!)