Friday, April 30, 2010


A few weeks ago Madeline had to have an ABR done to check her hearing. We had been referred to this procedure by three different specialist because at 20 months, Madeline isn't talking as well as she is developing in other areas. So it became a question if maybe she had a slight hearing problem. I was most afraid of her getting the IV and the anesthesia, but I handled both better than I expected.
Here Madeline is in the waiting room waiting for her procedure. I had this exact table (not the chairs) when I was little! Notice her pug by her side!

While waiting Madeline and Daddy blew LOTS of bubbles!

Her she is having a meltdown because she hadn't had anything to eat for almost 15 hours and we had to wait 3 hours in that tiny room!

After the IV was put in.

After that ordeal Madeline was so worn out she fell asleep naturally. It was nice because they just hooked up the anesthesia to the IV while she was sleeping, so she was already out and didn't pull on the tubing.

After the procedure in the recovery room.

Just waking up, out of it still!

Barely awake walking to the car.

And she was out the rest of the ride.

The trip turned out not to be as stressful as I had thought it would be. I am thankful her results were normal and we never have to go through it again!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Posts

I have LOTS of things to blog about.. Madeline had her ABR done, the weather is beautiful, etc.. but my computer won't load pictures from my new memory card.. Luckily my mother got me a new laptop for Mother's Day and I am getting it next week! So I will be back with lottttts!

Thursday, April 8, 2010