Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thrift Stores

A lot of blogs that I read regularly are thrifty moms. They go into a thrift store and find Pottery Barn beds, $500 shoes for $2 or a great dresser for little to nothing. I for some reason manage to walk into a store and fall in love with the most expensive thing they have. The only good things I find are things I already own. For example, last Christmas I wanted to get Madeline the Rose Petal Cottage. I searched craigslist for a good 6 months. Never found one so I finally broke down and spent $150 dollars on the Cottage and accessories. Not even two weeks later I found the cottage at a thrift store for $6.. I was literally sick.
Madeline is in preschool now every Tuesday and Thursday. Today Taylor was off work so he went with me to drop her off and we hit up some of the close thrift stores. Madeline just got a toddler bed and about a month ago we went to Target and got her a new bedding set. Today at the Goodwill we found the exact blanket, barely used for $5. I was so angry and bought it because I figured maybe both girls would use them.. Probably not, but maybe. I also picked up a nearly new booster (we had just looked at it in Walmart for $30 and we paid $3 for it, no signs of wear!) so we put Madeline's highchair in the basement. Atleast I don't have to look at the bulky highchair anymore! Maybe now that her preschool is close to the thrift stores and I have nothing but time on my hands I can become a thriftier shopper?? ..maybe

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