Friday, November 5, 2010


My "baby" girl is growing up! Our actual baby has a habit of acting up at my non stress tests, which I get every Monday and Friday. She has failed just about every single one so on Monday I wound up in the hospital monitoring the little stinker. She was just fine and I went home about two hours later, but while I was there I was thinking about how much EVERYTHING is changing for Madeline. We have been at my parents for about two weeks now and she loved it here. Papa and Gran are her favorite two people and I think she is going to be very distraught when we head back to North Carolina. Her favorite teacher at school, Ms Erin, had her last week this week and Madeline wasn't even there to say goodbye! I am very upset that when she returns to school Ms Erin won't be there and I hope Madeline handles it okay! Also we will be moving into a new house and she will obviously have a new baby sister! It is going to be a lot happening to her in a short amount of time! But I know Madeline is a very tough little girl so I just hope it won't bother her too much!!

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