Friday, January 8, 2010

Goooodbye Lynchburg!

I got back to Lynchburg yesterday afternoon to pick up my little love bug. She was none too excited to see me! She loves to be with her grandmas! Last night I went and had a few margaritas with my good friend Brittany and today I had an eye doctor appointment. He said my eyes look great although they are still a little dry and to use some artifical tears! I am so happy I had Lasik done although I was disappointed my eyes hadn't improved since last week. But hey I can see!! Tonight Madeline went and spent the afternoon with Grandma Sharon and wouldn't even come to me when I went to pick her up haha!

Here are a few pictures of the last few days.. Madeline got a Rose Petal Cottage (and a princess tent which you can see in the background) and she thinks the nursery furniture is for her, not for her babies! She is so silly! I have missed her so much but am ready to be back in the OBX with our little family tomorrow.

Oh and if you have never had a pineapple upsidedown bundt cake from Panera.. you need one. They are fabulous!

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