Friday, January 28, 2011

Settling In

Things the past week have been fairly smooth! We had one bad day and that was because Madeline was in desperate need of a nap. Lacey has been sick the past week and a half so she has been extremely laid back which has helped. I have been keeping Madeline busy in the mornings. She has preschool Tuesday/Thursday, Wednesday we went to the library and this morning we went to playgroup in Manteo. That has helped because Lacey usually sleeps in her carseat so Madeline feels like she gets some one on one time.

Madeline is cooking "Sissy" some food. She says, "aw baby so cute!" I got mad at the dishwasher and Madeline said, "Whats wrong Momma?" She is so sweet!

Birdfeeder Madeline made in class.

Lacebug with Morgan! He is 15 days younger than she is but she looks so big compared to him! They weighed the same at birth! Look at her belly!! She weighed 11 pounds last Monday!

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