Monday, October 10, 2011

Bring on the Pugs

About a month a go my pug was getting a break from little, snappy dogs. He was just starting to enjoy retirement and his old age..

Then it was abruptly ruined by a new pug named Pugsley. Pugsley is possibly worse than Reina was. He bites and tugs on Otis 20 hours a day. He is very fast and runs laps all through the house. He enjoys going potty in our guest room. I don't think he cares for grass. But he really loves both of our kids. And Madeline thinks "Baby" is the best thing since goldfish shaped bread (which she also loves!) Madeline still asks about Reina and when she is coming home. And when we got Pugsley fixed she wanted to know if he was going to the vet to go to heaven to be with Reina.. and if we could bring Reina home from the vet. It is still very sad and we miss Reina very much. But this new ball of energy has breathed new life back into our house and we all (even Taylor) love him very much!

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