Monday, January 9, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Tomorrow we move from our big 5 bedroom house in Manteo to an itty bitty townhouse in Kitty Hawk! I am super excited but nervous at the same time. This week we had some beautiful days and both girls had such a blast running all over the yard. That is the main thing I will miss. But Kitty Hawk has several amazing parks and it is literally maybe a minute to Madeline's school. So I won't be driving 30 minutes each way to get her to preschool!! The girls will have a mermaid themed room. I am just hoping Madeline will be happy there!! When you make such a big downsized move you realize how much JUNK you have and need to get rid of! It is hard. Taylor has been gone all week and won't get home to help until Wednesday. My parents came down to assist with some babysitting! Hopefully this move will go smoothly!

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