Saturday, November 14, 2009

November Nor'Easter

As you have probably have seen on the news the Outer Banks and the Hampton Roads area got pounded by a November Nor'Easter this week. Virginia Beach got the brunt of it, the water was up above their car's windows! Here the Beach Rd in many places is so flooded it looks like a river! The worst part for me was that Madeline and I were at home alone since Taylor was on duty! I was so paranoid I roof would blow off or we would lose power and I would panic ha. It is pretty amazing how much damage mother nature can do!

Madeline and I got home on Monday from spending the week at my parents house! I got my hair cut a little above my shoulders and a bit blonder.. I am learning to love it. Madeline has been constantly saying "uh-oh" to everything "bad" that happens. She will hit the dog and go "uh-oh" as if it were an accident! She is lucky he is so patient with her because she pretty much abuses the poor thing.

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