Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby All I Want for Christmas..

What an amazing Christmas we had! Madeline and I spent the week before Christmas in Lynchburg with our families. We had almost two feet of snow and was stuck inside the house most of the time! Madeline was spoiled rotten by all of her gifts! She got blocks, a Vermont bear (which she LOVES), beautiful outfits, the bouncing turtle, ornaments, a snowglobe and books from my in-laws side of the family. My mother in law got Taylor and I a Wii (which I am terrible at!!) My mom had actually got us one too which is pretty funny, but she returned it! My parents got Madeline Pottery Barn dolls, a sock monkey set, books, shoes, PJs, crayola sets and gosh so much more I can't even remember it all! She got me loads of goodies and Taylor an MP3 player he had wanted. Madeline's main gift from Taylor and I was a climber with a little playhouse type of thing attached. She loves climbing up the slide and going back down it, but I think the main thing she likes about it is collecting any and everything from the room (I found the dog harness in there this morning) and putting it in the house and closing the little door. I had been searching for one of these stinkin' things on Craigslist for atleast 6 months but never found a nice one so I got stuck paying the full price from, but she loves it so thats all that matters! She also got a Cabbage Patch baby that she loves to carry in its carrier and give her ba ba. I say "where's your baby?" and she runs and gets her! It is adorable!
Taylor and I had already "exchanged presents." He got a 52' Sharp Aquos and I got a keurig coffee maker, pottery barn stockings and diamond earrings. So on Christmas we just did stockings which included electric tooth brushes, lots of candy and his had a pizza slicer haha! We promised to do wrapped gifts next year but I honestly don't care! We woke up Christmas morning and had cinnamon rolls.. YUM! Then we sat around the house all day watching a Christmas Story and Home Alone. We went to a Christmas Eve service at a church on the bypass and I was really disappointed. I personally go to a Christmas Eve service to sing songs about Christmas and hear a nativity story. I got there and was informed the wise men didn't come on Christmas, there was no Santa because parents only give gifts as a reward not a gift and I didn't hear one Christmas song. Needless to say I was very sad about it. After Madeline went to bed we played my new game Pictureka and Skipboo! It was a great day and I was so glad to spend it with my little family!

These are some pictures taken by my very talented friend Mallory! Thank you!

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