Sunday, December 27, 2009

Computer Issues!

It seems whenever I get cute pictures of my daughter and want to post them online my printer (where I insert my memory card) never wants to connect to my computer.. I suspect this is because my daughter loves to sit on my computer and bounce on it and push all of the buttons to make the screen light up.. But that is just speculation of course..

Today I went to the doctor (okay or the emergency room.. I just hate how that sounds!) because I have had brutal headaches the past few days. I suspected it was because I had an ear infection, which I didn't. The doctor suspected it is a sinus infection and sent me home with a perscription antibiotic and a pain medicine.. yeah I said PAIN MEDICINE. Who in their right mind would give someone with a sinus infection pain medicine? And we wonder why so many people get addicted to this stuff.. Needless to say I told the nurse I didn't need it and left with only the antibiotic. Hopefully it kicks in soon!

After that we stopped by my friend Mallory's. She is the most popular person in town! Three other people randomly stopped by haha. So funny. One of the girls, Elizabeth, was absolutely hilarious and has a HUGE bunny. The bunny is potty trained in a liter box and just roams her house. It was bigger than a cat and it's feet were bigger than Mallory's golden retrievers! It was really cute but I just couldn't get over how big he was! Madeline was scared to death of him. She liked the dog but when the bunny would hop by Madeline would run to me to get away from it. Too funny.

After that we headed home where my neighbor randomly stopped by to give us some Christmas treats and Madeline an adorable phone toy. Although I always complain about the layout of my house and how I want to move, we are in an amazing neighborhood! Darla and Bill stopped by really quickly to pick up a package we picked up for them. Then Madeline and I headed to the station. Mallory, Matt, Banks and Beaza were there.. my favorite people! I mainly talked too much like usual and my poor husband just looks at me wondering how I have so much to say about nothing haha! I'm a housewife, what do you expect?!

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