Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello Spring.. Please Don't Leave!

I would like to start off by apologizing for putting this pictures backwards. The bottom picture is from the morning and the picture with Madeline in the pool should be at the end. So start at the bottom of this post and look at the pictures in that order haha!

More importantly.. TODAY WAS 60 DEGREES!! It was great! Madeline and I started our day off by heading over to the park. She ran around and got some energy out until we headed home around 11. She took a nap until about 12:45. Megan had to teach class today, so she dropped Shea off at about noon. Once Madeline woke up I got her dressed and the three of us headed outside! I put them both in the bike trailer and rode them up and down our street. Shea loved it, but I think Madeline didn't like sharing her seat with Shea, didn't like wearing her seatbelt and because we also have the baby seat on the back of the bike she couldn't see me. So she wasn't a happy camper. Once we got off the bike I pulled out Madeline's play cars and they had a ball. I was trying to push them both (only one has a handle)and constantly made them crash haha. They had a blast! The Shea climbed out of her car and wanted to push Madeline in the pink car.. Side note: Madeline had to be strapped in her car because she constantly runs off into the road or into my backyard, where there is a canal and she will drown.. So Shea wanted to push her all by herself and didn't want me to touch the car, but she went soo slow so Madeline would get mad. I felt so bad for Shea because she was pushing as fast as she could! After that we collected those purple flowers and dandelions and put them all in Madeline's big blue plastic pool. Madeline got in and laid on her belly showing me how she swims! They are both so sweet and cute! Today was a great day! Tomorrow is supposed to be 70 degrees and Taylor will be off of work so hopefully tomorrow will be even better!

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