Monday, March 22, 2010

First Official Weekend of SPRING!

Our weekend started out like this..

I had started running Madeline's morning bath before Taylor got home from work and I walked back into her room to set out her clothes. By the time I walked back into the bathroom I found her in the tub pretending to shampoo her stuffed pug! It was so cute but she about died when I had to take her pug away to put him in the dryer!

Saturday and Sunday it was so beautiful. We spent the days on our back porch (Taylor used his new drill to put up the baby "fencing" all over the deck. We also cooked out with friends and had a relaxing time!

Sunday morning I got to sleep in while Taylor and Madeline played "PJ dress up." Haha I'm not sure how they put this outfit together!

Madeline entertained herself for the LONGEST time with these two empty bottles.

She also had her first popsicle of the summer.. which she shared with Otis of course!

These weekend made me so excited for the cookouts, pools and the ocean. Mainly I can't wait to spend the quality time with our families and friends! Summer come soon!!

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