Monday, March 29, 2010

Park, Hotdogs and Egg Hunts!

This is my child on her tippy toes at the park trying to jump off the climbing wall.. But notice the "big boy" underneath her trying to get past her! She is so brave and I think she is going to be in the Olympics. This wall is for the older kids, but Madeline can already climb half way up it! I am sure within the next feel weeks she will be going up it like a pro.. give me a heart attack!?
Beautiful girl..

Going down the big girl twisting slide before the hunt.


Grabbing those eggs!

Hm what to do?!

Checking out the Easter Bunny.

The goods!

And we ended up at a party where we dressed up as Hawiians! Madeline helping mommy kick some butt at cards!
Headed over to the bonfire!

We spent Sunday being lazy at the house! It was a wonderful weekend and we can't wait for summer to get here!

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