Sunday, August 1, 2010

We just got home from Daytona, Florida with my parents and brother Kaleb. We had a great trip with lots of fun in the sun, Aunt Catfish's and a manatee cruise! We saw dolphins everyday!
Madeline is growing up so fast. It seems most days words are just pouring from her mouth! Next week she turns two, I can hardly believe it! Taylor and I are headed home on the 11th (also Taylor's birthday!) to have Madeline's birthday party! We are all so excited about it!
Taylor and I are also busy thinking about things we need for the baby, thinking about what we could possibly want for Christmas and planning a romantic cruise for next year! We were planning to go in the spring, but that would probably be a little much with a new baby! So we are looking to go at the end of next summer or the fall! I can't wait! We had booked a trip to Hawaii for May 2010, but we were pregnant so decided to just be happy with Daytona for this year!

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