Monday, August 2, 2010

Wild Child and Beautiful Weather

Today was a good day. My last pregnancy I battled high blood pressure. So far this pregnancy I am having low blood pressure. Strange huh?! So in attempt to raise my blood pressure and get my blood pumping, I have been dragging my friend Erin to water aerobics classes! The main problem with this is that when Taylor is at work Madeline HATES (and I mean strongly hates) the YMCA nursery. Sigh. So today towards the end of my class I look over to see the daycare worker walking along side of the pool with my snotty little hysterical girl. She grabbed me so tight I thought she would never let go. Haha all I can do is laugh (and get extremely nervouse how she is going to handle preschool for three hours twice a week starting next month!!)

The weather here the past few days has been in the 80's and it is perfect. Today Madeline and I went on a walk and played with all of her toy cars outside. It was a great evening! It makes me think I would enjoy living up north where the summer time isn't quite so hot! When we spent a day in Savanah (which is on the top of our list) last month it was topping 100 and I could barely breath!!

I am enjoying these last few months where it is just Madeline and I. Even when she is cranky and being awful, I am so thankful to have such a beautiful and healthy angel who constantly makes me smile.

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