Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two Weeks

Tomorrow my Lacebug will be two weeks old! Where did the two weeks go?! It is so crazy for me to think that my little girl has only breathing air for two weeks! Madeline has been a little outrageous today, we are hoping for a better day tomorrow! Last Monday Lacey had dropped in weight down to 7lb 10oz, but today she weighed 8lb 12oz! It was hard to believe she had gained a pound, but I suppose the scale doesn't lie?! Madeline was over six months old when she weighed between 8 and 9 pounds! It is amazing to me with Madeline I would be praying for her just to be on the charts with her weight because she was so tiny and with Lacey she is on the larger percentile! The experience has been so different and it goes way past their birth. With Madeline I was alone with her most of the time. Taylor was in Yorktown, Virginia and would come in most weekends. During the week my mom would usually come by in the mornings and bring me dinner at night while my dad walked my dogs. Other than that I was home alone (afraid my tiny baby might get germs!) With Lacey I have Taylor and Madeline here. I can take her to the store if I feel like going to the store. Lacey is a cuddle bug. Madeline was such (and still is) a self soother. From being in an isolette for the first six weeks of her life, Madeline didn't care if she was held and didn't need a pacifier or anything to sooth her. Lacey loves to be held at all times and if she is in her bouncer is looking around to make sure I am near. I love both of my girls so much! No pictures today because our camera is broken, but we have one on the way from Best Buy! Wohoo!

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