Friday, October 30, 2009

Eventful Days

We got back home on the beautiful Outer Banks on Wednesday evening. I have been battling allergies since last Monday and it has been horrible! Madeline hasn't had a bottle in about a week and a half! She fussed the first two nights but has been fine since. She was digging through her diaper bag this morning and spotted a bottle and immediately stuck it in her mouth, so I quickly replaced it with a sippy cup filled with apple juice. She was more than happy to exchange!

Last Saturday we went to Taylor's cousin Steve's wedding. It was pouring all day and since it was an outside wedding I was dreading the 45 minute trip to stand in the rain! It rained until we got there, but once we got out of the car the clouds cleared up and it was beautiful and sunny! It was an adorable ceremony and Taylors uncle Brian took a bunch of beautiful pictures. Madeline sat quietly in the grass during the vows, occupied with her little basket of roses and my mom's David Yurman bangles. She wore a beautiful "princess dress" my mother-in-law bought her with cream ballet flats. She was such a doll baby!

Tonight we went to the North Carolina Aquarium for their Trick or Treat Under the Sea party. It was a lot of fun! I coulnd't believe they had sold 1,500 tickets! It was packed and hard for our little family because Madeline wasn't really interested in what was going on, she was just trying to run away haha. All of those people made it difficult, so we ended up leaving about an hour before it ended. She had her first few lollipops and was an adorable bee. I will be sure to post plenty of pictures very soon!

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