Monday, October 19, 2009

What a Day!

This morning Taylor had to head back to work! He leaves the house around 6:30 and usually ends up waking up Madeline, but this morning she went right back to sleep! I had to be at the doctor at 10, and the doctor is an hour away from my house. I got up, took a shower, packed Madeline a lunch, got her dressed, walked Otis and we were out of the door at 8:35. I had a good doctors visit, she suggested a few reasons my blood pressure and other issues may be happening. Hopefully my family doctor will be able to look into some of those suggestions and my health concerns can be resolved! If anything comes of this of course I will be blogging about it. Already on some of the preeclampsia blog sites I am a member of I have gotten so great feed back about similar stories. Thats why I love reading blogs. Most blogs I don't comment on, I just read. It is a form of story telling. Just like I am telling you my story, I enjoy reading other peoples stories. One thing that excites me about writing this is that one day I know Madeline will sit down and read all of my blogs!

Madeline was a handful today! She is getting her 7th tooth on the bottom right side of her mouth. That and taking her bottles away have made her very very cranky. Today the doctors trip was right at her nap time, plus she was in the car for two hours. So she was just off all day. Hopefully tomorrow she will return to her sweet loving self!

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  1. Awww, teethings babies, how fun ;) Xavier is on 13, I think.. can't wait for him to have them all!
    I hope you get healthier and they help ya out. Gotta stay healthy for our babies :)