Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Monday Taylor came home and brought us donuts. I didn't eat one because I only like plain glazed donuts and he brought home chocolate. The rest of the day we ate at home. Yesterday we had Kashi bars for breakfast. Taylor and Madeline ate at home for lunch. I ate out with a friend and got a pedicure. For dinner I made a steak, homemade loaded mashed potatos, broccoli and homemade cheesecake. Today Madeline had a Kashi bar at the library. I skipped breakfast. We had a playdate and went to Caption Franks and had some super yummy hotdogs. Anyone who knows me knows a good hotdog is one of my favorite foods. At home I put mayo on it and dunk it in ketchup. It is a southern thing! In public I don't because people think it is strange haha. So I had mustard, chili and slaw. It was all yummy! For dinner we had chicken nuggets. Not the healthiest but to be honest my kitchen was clean since we hadn't cooked for breakfast or lunch and I wanted it to stay that way. So the toaster oven to the rescue. Last night I watched a documentary on netflix called Food Inc. A few years ago I watched a Pam Anderson document on chicken and I haven't really ate chicken since. The only chicken I eat is fried on a sandwich. Weird huh? But after watching Food Inc it really made me wish I lived in an area where I could get local grassfed meat. It also made me wonder why I live in a huge fishing area, yet in the Food Lion fish section all the fish are previously frozen and from China? Baffling to me. In other news I did get an SLR Nikon D1300 to start taking pictures for the blog! I have barely even opened it though. I need a new memory card because it wanted me to delete my other card and I am one of those people with a million memory cards because I never delete any of my pictures.

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