Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Outfits

When Madeline was "younger" (aka up until 2) I dressed her like a doll baby. Most things came from Gymboree and of course my favorite place on earth Target. However now she goes to preschool. At preschool she gets paint all over her clothes and plays outside and gets them dirty. That isn't complaining, I am grateful she has such a great time at school! But now I am sitting here looking through my Hanna Andersson catalog thinking about what I am going to get her for spring and I remember that it all gets ruined! The past month at school Madeline mainly alternates four outfits because I don't want her to get her good outfits dirty! So I am trying to decide if I need to accept she needs to wear knit outfits from Target or if it is still worth it to get the better quality outfits that I LOVE. Sigh. Why do sweet little girls have to grow up?

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