Monday, March 21, 2011

Wow what a bad day..

Yesterday on the menu Taylor took care of breakfast with Madeline. For lunch was sandwiches and dinner we had Nathan's hotdogs. Yesterday was not a fun day because Taylor left until Friday night and Madeline was very upset about it! Plus I was sick.
Today we started with homemade waffles. I got the recipe from and we did not like them. The top didn't get crispy, instead it just burnt. Maybe it is the waffle iron I have, but we wouldn't make these again. For lunch Madeline had a peanut butter and honey sandwich. I had a Lean Cuisine. While I made dinner I let Madeline play out on the deck, I was talking to Taylor on the phone (it is our anniversary today) and I noticed what I assumed was brown sugar on the floor. I walked over to inspect and behind me Madeline walked up with a fist full of sand and threw it everywhere! She had been throwing sand in the hall! The reason it is so hard for us to cook is because it is impossible to keep up with her while you prepare and then clean up by yourself is immpossible! So we made the Nelly's broccoli mashed potatoes,a can of corn and hawaiian bread. We were supposed to have a chicken breast, but I never got that far. My kitchen is a complete dump but I am too tired tonight and will hopefully get it cleaned up tomorrow during preschool.
Tonight I was frustrated and I was sitting in the bathroom floor upset and Madeline walked in. She had a starfish she had stolen from our guest bathroom (which she normally gets in trouble for taking!) She took my hand, took one finger and said, "one finger Mama" and showed me how to pet the starfish. It made my heart smile because today we went to the aquarium and the guy got one of the starfish out for her to pet (and she also petted a snake the same way) with "one finger." It was so cute that she remembered doing that. It reminded me she is a sweet little girl who is soaking in everything I do. So no matter how tired, upset or irritated I feel, I need to be there and positive for her!
Six days and our eating in challenge is still going fairly well!!

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